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CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS!  We are eager to explore the following 10 topics in 2020.  Submissions will be accepted from agented and non-agented writers. Prospective authors and agents can fill out the form below or write to for more information.  Click here to see full guidelines.

  • Literary fiction by African American women

  • Memoir or narrative nonfiction by Muslim women

  • The psychology of political values

  • The history of the concepts of Heaven and Hell in the Abrahamic faiths

  • Mindfulness in various religious traditions

  • Buddhism and Christianity dialogue

  • Secular Buddhism

  • The faith of the “Nones”

  • Process theology

  • 365-day devotional

If you have a manuscript you believe would be a good fit to publish with us, please take a moment to introduce yourself here.

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February 10, 2016

A publishing house without fiction authors is a chocolate chip cookie without chocolate chips.  Good news--we're no longer just a dry, monotone nonfiction publisher!  Our newest imprint, Mobius Books, marks Epiphany's expansion into the fiction universe.


November 15, 2015

Epiphany is expanding again! We are excited to branch out into a new nonfiction imprint, Catalyst Publishing House.  While both Catalyst and Epiphany Global will still explore our core themes, they will do so in their own diverse fields. Find more information on our Coming Soon page.


September 3, 2015

The first of several strategic developments is underway.  Epiphany Publishing is standing up its first imprint, Epiphany Global! As we grow to explore psychosocial and cultural challenges in various new arenas, Epiphany Global will be the platform for our titles that investigate the most critical global problems that face us today.